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Lying Season - Karina Halle Where to begin with this one, I absolutely loved it and again I felt so many emotions. I cringed when Perry agreed to stay with Dex and Jenn, talk about punishment, I really felt for her! Loved the Shownet family and fat rabbit.

Perry mother is a complete witch: Finally my mom said, “Now this guy sounds like a keeper. Imagine how skinny you’d get around him! Maybe then you could do a fitness show instead.”

Jenn, what a bitch, I lost count of how many times I wanted to hurt her.

“You go back to Dex!” I heard Jenn yell from behind me. “He’s never going to love you, no matter how hard you try to slut it up for him!”

Oh Dex, he can be so blind, unintentionally hurtful and stupidly oblivious then sooo incredibly sweet!

“You’re the light in all this madness. You’re my light. I should have been with you...” The thought hit him as his face crumpled in amazement. “Oh God, why am I not with you?” “Because you’re an idiot,” I said.”