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In Flight (Up In The Air, #1) - R.K. Lilley I really loved this book and of course I am going to compare to the infamous FSoG. Comparing these two books doesn't bode well for the FSoG, I throughly enjoyed this more. I am more invested Bianca/Bee/Buttercup, she is tough, realistic, NOT WHINEY and the best part she doesn't have inner monologues with herself over and over! Then we have Stephen what a great secondary character he is!! I love how they have each others backs, that is so refreshing to read! James, wow James sometimes he can be over the top and I wanted to smack the crap out of him and other times he is sexy as sin!! I like that all the characters have a back story, have issues (some normal issues)and they own them as their issues. I would have rated it higher is he wasn't a billionaire and she wasn't a virgin. Ugh, why can't he be just "well off" and her have a few past lovers.

“It was hard to remember that we weren't supposed to feel anything for each other when he looked at me like I was more important than the next breath.”

“I’m going to ruin you. I’ll be your first, and I’ll fuck you so thoroughly that I’ll be your last too. You won’t want any other man after I’ve gotten my hands on you.”