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Fearscape (Horrorscape, #1)

Fearscape (Horrorscape, #1) - Nenia Campbell Okay here I go, how do rationalize loving a character that goes completely against all your morals? Throw caution to the wind and get hooked by this captivating book!

Meet Gavin miss understood loner, but is he? I am so in love with the way he speaks!
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“You've never even been kissed before, have you?”
Val let out a small gasp when he moved down her throat and she felt the sting of his teeth in her earlobe. It made her shudder and she felt the puffs of his breathy laughter. “You're so innocent.” And the sibilant words tickled unpleasantly when he whispered into her ear, “You should run from me while you can.”
She was breathing too hard and to her chagrin it wasn't entirely from fear. “Or what?”
The smile he gave her as he pulled away was like an arrow in her heart. “I catch you.”

Meet Val, good, innocent girl that has her whole life ahead of her.
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"Can you feel the ties that bind us? Can you feel them tightening? Because I can, they're so tight that I can scarcely breathe."
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"What would it be like, I wonder, to have such power over a woman? To feel her beneath you, as beautiful and golden and lovely as the sun, half-willing, half-resistant? To know that you have her by the throat? I should like to have such an experience for myself."
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Well I have now!!!!