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Horrorscape (Horrorscape, #2) - Nenia Campbell I am bracing my kindle, hands sweaty and want to scream "DON'T DO IT". That phrase can be yelled out many time during the second book, Horrorscape. Do I still love Gavin, YES even more so! I started this book around 11pm at 3:30am I had to force myself to go to bed! This book is 3 years later, both Val and Gavin had "grown" but not in the traditional ways. I felt Val does have a twisted connection with Gavin that she won't admit too, I felt like she enjoyed him. The "Game" WTF the game, I don't want to give to much about but what a clever, clever bastard Gavin is.
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“Why me?”
“Because I lie awake at night, dreaming of all the things I want to do to your body, of leaving marks on your skin so that everyone knows that you are mine. And only mine .... But you fight yourself even as you fight me, and I love that, too. I love watching you squirm, because it gives me some idea of how you'll look when I'm inside you. I want to be your last thought at night, and your first taste at dawn. I want to teach you, own you, control you.”

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”You won the battle last time, my dear, but ultimately you lost the war. This time, you win nothing. I’ll make sure of it.”
”You are mine. As long as one of us still breathes, that won’t change.”
Feelings after finishing!
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