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Terrorscape (Horrorscape, #3) - Nenia Campbell HOLY SHIT, what just happened! Gavin, my feeling are all over the place, if I forget about the innocent women you raped and killed then and only then I can love you .
"Can you feel the ties that bind us?
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Completely and utterly insane
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Val, Valerian, Valerie. You poor poor thing! I don't know how I feel about her, sometimes I wanted to scream at her and other times I felt her helplessness and hopelessness so deeply it hurt. Screw her "friends", I was so pissed at all the "blame the victim" but I could also see their view, self preservation. I was doing a happy dance when Lisa died
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"First he had ripped out her heart. Then he had shattered her mind. Now he had broken her body. Nothing left was hers, not anymore. It was all his."
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“Scream for me, my flower.”
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Okay so the end, I was happy for Val, but also completely shocked and sad. Nenia, will we EVER get a follow-up, novella, another book. Please, I need to love Gavin again!
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